June 15, 2008

Trees anyone?

Next up on the guest post is my boy Josh from Tree Beats, which always has some good writing, good music, and good humor. He's been putting in a lot of work this past year with his blog as well as his excellent conceptual site in IHABU (I hook up a beat). The site calls for a group of producers (anyone is welcome) to sample a record to and compete among other producers to claim braggin writes, or just showcase. The site has changed addresses but remained the same, so all of you producers be sure and check it out, some pretty good competition, including the man running it...

Somehow Nes thought it would not be a bad idea for me to do a guest post. For this I thank him and apologize to the rest of you for having to read this, I will not be offended if you scroll down to the download link. So, I was trying to figure out what to post and doubted that many of you enjoy Saxon's "Power and the Glory" as much as I do, so I went with a little dopeocity in the form of Uneasy Listening Volume 1 from the charming DJ Z-Trip and the barely known DJ P.

Some people like Mash-up. Some people don't. Some people call it bastard pop. Some people are bastards. The fact of the matter is, if you like DJ's you've probably been here before and didn't get here doing a google search "Kim+Kardashian+boobs" or "rare+Kenny+Loggins." The other fact of the proverbial matter is Uneasy Listening isn't really a mash up. It is a lot of songs that on paper look ridiculous. Exhibit A: Kansas' along side LL.(I guess Rick Rubin technically). Exhibit B: Bruce Hornsby skipping down the center of an misspelled atom with Run DMC. The exhibits continue with Pat Benatar making out with The Pharcyde and Rush and The Beastie Boys robbing a 7-11 (I made that part about them robbing a convenience store up). And you look at this and say "why the fuck would I want to listen to this?" Fair question. The reason is they put these songs together so well that you say "oh that's dope" and "that's some funny shit" and "these dudes are fucking brilliant" in succession more than once. There were only 1000 copies made and this rip comes from on of the original copies. Not only that, it was handed to me from Senior Trip himself. Not only that, he was DJing the wedding I was the best man in. Not only that, but Doze did a mural at the reception while Z-Trip spun. That's some dope shit man. You can't front. Enjoy and Happy B-day dunny.

Uneasy Listening

Thanks to Josh for his entry
Be sure and check his sites
IHABU and Tree Beats

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  1. hey genius SENIOR TRIP should be spelled SENOR with the wavy thingie above the N. lol
    hey there JOOOOOOSSSHHHHH.. you better not be b-essing about this wedding story.