June 18, 2008

Get your weight up

Here goes a nice little mix from my boy Ollie in Australia over @
I'm loving all these guest appearances, keep them coming.
Peace to everyone world wide promoting good music...

(update..Ollie sent the wrong mix link has been corrected, both mixes available below)

-Here you go Nes, a half hour mix, tracklisting to come shortly. I'm using the mix also for this weeks edition of the podcast DJ Myme 01 the Wizid of Oz and myself do - "Mothership Reconnection", but as you can tell from the "Blow Your Mind" instro - this is for specifically for DW. It's a little loose in parts and it's one take.

Mix from Ollie (Size 13)

Redman - Blow Your Mind (Instrumental)
De La Soul -The Dawn Brings Smoke
Donald Byrd - You and Music
Eric Sermon - Music
Just Four - Girls of the World
That's Them - Get Up
Double Edge - Larger Than Life
Reks - Say Goodnight
Doujah Raze - The Breakoff feat. Team Demolition
Self Scientific - Of Our Own
Cookin' on 3 Burners - Gravel Rash
Def Wish Cast - Complete
Rob Natrule - A Night On The Tiles
Delta feat. Trem , Motion, Prowla - The End Is Here
Sly & The Family Stone - Brave & Strong

Thanks to Ollie for his entry
Be sure and check his site
weight of a nickel


  1. Firstly I'm honoured Nes invited me to do a guest post for the 1 yr anniversary (congratulations bro) the Dirty Waters blog.

    Just wanted to let everyone know that second mix is a guest mix from Myme's and my show, from Sydney's DJ Dter One ( I sent an email but it must have got lost in the inbox). My bad on the mix, mix up.

    Here's the tracklist:

    Schooly D - Where'd you get that Funk
    Intelligent Hoodlum - Return of the Life
    Mr. Me - Unsolved Misterme
    Dysfunctional Fam - New Ruff Flava
    Cool C - Juice Crew Dis
    Blahzay Blahzay - Pain I Feel
    Busta Rhymes and O.D.B - Where's Your Money?
    Poppa Wu (the Brown Hornet) - Let's Go The Lap
    Yaggfu Front - Where'd you get ya Bobo's

  2. any time man, thanks for the mixes