June 1, 2008

Feel The Love From The Bricks

For the first guest post, I want to give the honors to my personal favorite blog run by my man Mr. Mass. Masscorporation is one of the blogs that really inspired me to start my own site. I'm sure that everyone who visits his site has found something that really set them off, from his collaborative mix CD's, ill photoshop skills, to his insightful interviews. Mass specializes in classic mixtapes, he is knowledgeable, has great taste in music, and a unique way of presenting it. He has more records and more mixes than you, but he shares. I think everyone out there owes Mass a huge debt of gratitude for the hard work he's been putting into his site for the past few years. I'm honored to have him bless my page with a guest post, and he definitely blessed it. Here we go with the first guest post for the one year Dirty Waters celebration extravaganza direct from my ace, Mr Mass...

Ok So It's Been More Than A Year For My Man Nes
To Give Us Our Daily Dose
Of Hip Hop Culture

Nes And I
Share The exact Same Love Of Our Culture
the Hip Hop Culture

An Undefeatable Love
That We Try To Share With The Rest Of You Kidz.

Our Tastes and Knowledge
To Make You Feel Our Hip Hop Point Of View
Ruff,Rugged And Raw
Point of View

So To Celebrate The Birthday Of The Dirty Waters
We Welcome you to New Jersey
Home Of My Bro Nes

And You're About To Get Some Supa Hot Treats For Your Ears
Be Prepared For A Proper Education
The Mass™ Way
Cause You Damn Well Know That I'm All About Educating The Ignorant Kidz
To Let You Know
That There Was A Life Before Diddy And Souljah

Education For Your Ears
Is Definitly What's It's All About

A Birthday Is A Special Day Isn't It?
So For A Special Day
I Got Mad Treats Out Of My Gift Bags

Let's Start Nice And Slow
With A Slept On Mixtape/Album

You All remember This Black Album Madness
Everybody Remixed It

But Then There Was One Who Happened To Be As Good
(If not better)
As the Original

The Red Album
All Tracks Flipped By Japanese Super Producer
Bach Logic
Hosted By Mr GGGGGG
Whoo Kid

Bach Just Flipped The Acapellas Upside Down
On Some Productions That Are Way Too Hot To Handle

This Could Be Devastating To Your Ears

Then We Continue Softly
With This 23 Minutes Mix
From Kno, (of the Cunnilinguists Crew)
From 1999
Where He Plays The Original Tracks That He Sampled For His Production
And Yes, Kno Is One Hell Of A Digga,
He Can Flip Any Styles,
tracklist included

For Those Of You Who Don't Know The Cunnilinguists,
Damn, You Should Seek The Blogosphere
For Their Dope Albums

Then we Get Back ,
Back Into Time
And Spend The Day At Hot 97
It's April The 24th 1996

You're Lucky Enough To Ear
The Future Flavas Radio Show
One Hour Of True Hip Hop
Hosted By Pete Rock
And Legendary Marley Marl

Then Later On The Same Day
Stretch Armstrong
Will Blast You Off
His Own Personal Radio Show

So Keep On Swimming Deeper In Dirty Waters
At The End Of The Day You'll Be A Better Man
Blessed By The True Essence Of Hip Hop

See You Next Year Nes
Stay Dirty As You Are My Brother


Thanks to Mr Mass for his entry
be sure and check his site


  1. dope guestpost from mr. mass, no doubt!!
    All the best for the Dirty Waters Blog, love it!!!

  2. Great Post Mass, always love some more Stretch & Bob. Nes I'ma try & drop something for you aswell!

  3. Mass blessed me with the treats logos for real. thats whats up- got plenty of spots, I know u got the treats Andy...

  4. this is great! cheers ))

    scan the rar first though - zone alarm found a virus in it

  5. a virus...
    i'm a mac user
    i know nothing about no virus
    it's windows vista reality
    but apple fantasy

    anyway i hope i did not destroyed too many computers

    i m the evil genius

    A Virus

    you're the funniest man alive

  6. I have PC and didnt get any virus

  7. yeamass is my dude
    great site

    you doin it big and hard nes.
    no homo

  8. ay yo! lol
    thanks al I gotta get you guys
    to come out of retirement for a guest spot...