June 8, 2008

Boogie & The Barber

The DW extravaganza continues with more Stretch & Bobbito, here we have what I believe is the 2nd 'Boogie and the Barber' show Stretch & Bobbito had on Hot 97, from February 18, 1996.

This is when they were calling the show Boogie and the Barber, before Bobbito left and Stretch changed the name to the XL Show. You can tell they were pretty new to the studio as the transition from track 2 to 3 is slightly interrupted (there was about half a minute of silence that I edited out). Stretch goes on to explain at the end of the show they were experiencing technical difficulties. The tape starts maybe 20 minutes or so into the show. The Hot 97 commercials are edited, but aside from that there are no pause edits, talking included. It runs about 78 minutes, just enough to squeeze onto a CD, download, enjoy...

Oh and check out the M.O.P. track on here (track 11). This is an unreleased goodie that Stretch used to play all the time. Raise hell!!!

Boogie and the Barber 2-18-1996

1) Dutchmin
2) Smooth the Hustla
3) Keith Murray
4) Jay Z & Foxy Brown
5) Erick Sermon
6) Paula Perry
7) Busta Rhymes & ODB
8) Artifacts
9) Cella Dwellas
10) Mobb Deep
11) M.O.P.
12) OC
13) One & One
14) Capone & Noreaga
15) Large Professor
16) Erick Sermon & Redman
17) Beatnuts
18) Smooth The Hustla
19) 25 to Life


  1. Good Looking! Hopefully Stretch shows up soon & starts postin more shows!

  2. Niceness as ever....

  3. i have this on tape. crack of course. i think this is there 2nd show on hot because the 1st show was supposed to have large pro up there but security kicked him out of the station

  4. One of the best MOP's tracks of all time. I know Nes is a real MOP head. Dope post as usual.

    "Raise hell"

    The name's Bill, the game's real, me and Fame feel
    we can blow trial, and yo I'm ill
    So blaow in your face! (Bla-bla-bla-blaow) to the death
    (Buka-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-KLAK) 'til there's nothin left