May 17, 2008

The Visuals

I just saw these guys had the new reissue out for their 1996 fondle em LP. This piece, original, sells in the $75-100 range on ebay and in record stores, not sure how many they originally pressed but I'm sure it wasn't that many. The new reissue has the collective works of both of them, including solo projects, and some radio appearances. Check Siah & Yeshua's myspace page for more info and song previews.

The radio freestyles from the Stretch & Bobbito and Halftime shows on the remastered CD only include little snippets, like a minute or so. For all you super fans out there, I got the full sessions. You know the deal, your boy has mad tapes and anal enough to label each one with the date...altogether they run about 20 minutes, enjoy...

Siah & Yeshua Radio Freetsyles

1) Siah & Yeshua along with Ken Bugaloo live on Stretch & Bobbito
October 1996, freestyling over De La Soul's 'Itsoeazee' and
Natural Resources 'They Lied' (10 minutes)

2) Siah & Yeshua live on Stretch & Bobbito July 1997 rhyming on
MF Doom's 'Dead Bent' (8 minutes)

3) Siah & Yeshua live on the Halftime Show, May 1998,
freestyling over Nots Click beat


  1. that beat is Nots click - work is never done, that joint has big l on it.

  2. word, good looking, i know ive prob heard it but dont remember it, don't have that 12

  3. They were cool. I know they appeared at the Nuyorican couple of times. Memories!

  4. Thankyou so much for posting these, I got the Siah "Repetition/Pyrite" 12" back in the days , the EP a while later, and been searching for unheard material of mostly Siah ever since. Thanks again.

  5. But the links are dead!!
    *arms raised to the sky* NOOOOoooo...pls reup!

  6. just click the photo link is still up

  7. Can you reup these freestyles i need to have a listen, thanx!

  8. any idea on the track at around 16:30? i've heard it a bunch of times on the stretch/bobbito shows in 97 but never got an ID