May 21, 2008

Drum Crazy 14 & Video Mix

Here we go with Drum Crazy part 14. After 13 of these, I'm really struggling to find records with open drums, but I have some good ones on here. Some of the records on this video are newly acquired, some I just plain forgot about. I'm up to 14 of these videos and each one is about 4-5 minutes long, on this one I played 17 different drum records in less than 5 minutes. For those interested, check out this Drum Crazy Video Mixtape I put together including all 14 drum crazies, over one hour of you boy Nes slamming drum records together. To view all of the drum crazy videos individually, check my Youtube page.

Drum Crazy Part 14


  1. i know dj shadow used the first drum break for "in flux" but did i hear 1 or 2 others that he used as well in later works?

  2. Can you make this hour long mix available for audio download?

    I would even buy it,if you wanted to press copies.

    C'mon,audio mix PLEASE

  3. Also,i wanted to say,i've been checkin the site out since last summer..It's easily one of my top 3sites on the net i check for.

    Great stuff!

  4. I know the one that comes in @ 2:50 Shadow used on Camel Bobsled, it's Iron Butterfly's version of get out my life woman. Was there another on here that he used?

    Thanks anon for the feedback. In retrospect I wish I would have taped all these sets onto audio to go along with the video. One of these days I will get around to making a drum mix cd, and when I do it will definitely be free.

  5. dunno, i gotta really sit down and listen to it again. good work, tho. u need to do a mini set of just "get out of my life, woman" covers. my favorite is the bill cosby joint. those are some clean ass drums!

  6. i have a bunch of get out my lifes on end of part 4 drum crazy

    those bill cosby drums are def tight