May 9, 2008

Down with the King!

The DJ Muro set from New York Live 1996 (my first post) has acquired over 2000 downloads, probably the highest amount of downloads for any zshare link on my blog. I was wondering how so many people were finding it until someone shot me an e-mail letting me know DJ Muro posted the set on his blog (scroll to the very bottom of the page). Apparently Muro was looking for this set and found it through me! Thanks to google translation, here are words from the man himself:

I found it! ! ! ! NY my debut match. . NYU's College in 1995, ranking the radio when PLAY pattern. . . Vol landing in a click, I downloaded the whole world! ! !

I'm sure the translation is a little off, but you get the idea. He was also nice enough to include a link to the post and not just the zshare link which I am very thankful for. Just wanted to say peace to DJ Muro and everyone in Japan, if you read this, I am glad I was able to get this set to you, and keep up the great mixes! A quick recap on this set (DJ Muro's first DJ appearance in NY) I was literally blown away when I heard this, I rocked this tape so many times I'm surprised it survived all the plays, and I had no idea 12 years later I'd be hooking up the man himself with a copy...crazy


  1. Wow, being linked by the King himself...congratulations mate!

    Many thanks for pressing that record button on your radio in that precise moment, 12 years ago....

    ...12 years much time...this is (drum) crazy indeed!

  2. wow,

    that's just testament to the dope dirty waters blog, son. all heads realize... on the rise, better recognize.

  3. Good stuff man. Hope all is well with you!

  4. One of the most enlightening music blogs out there rigth now. Nes always had the treats, and always will.