May 6, 2008

Be back in a minute...

I'll be taking a little break from posting for now to focus on some mix projects and other things, so stay tuned for more good stuff to come next month. (Maybe I'll have one or two more posts this month) This blogging thing is cool but before you know it you're sinking hours into it. Next month will mark one year of Dirty Waters so I'll try to have some treats lined up, exclusives, mixes, guest posts. In the meantime check the stuff already posted & leave some comments!

Speaking of guest posts, to celebrate I'm inviting bloggers and readers to write or submit material for a guest post, so if you would like to get involved, leave comments or e-mail. Peace to AndyMan for putting me down with some video treats and mixes, also peace to madnice, Rob C, Nat T, Mass, everyone out there who has blessed me with treats and collaborated with me this past year.

I also want to say peace to
everyone worldwide, across the dirty waters and beyond. I added a Feedit widget to my page just to see what kind of traffic I have coming through the site here and I'm surprised to see visits from a number of different locations all over the globe, apparently over 50% of visits are from overseas; United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Hungary, Greece, Switzerland, Denmark, Poland, Estonia, Russia, Slovenia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Austrailia, Austria, Brazil, Chile, and all over the US. So peace to everyone out there checking for dirty waters, wherever you may be. Hopefully you all enjoy the site and hear some new/old exclusive stuff. Hit me up and let me know where ure visiting from if it's not too much trouble... be back soon, peace...


  1. Return soon homie.

    My morning routine when I come to work is boot up, log on to your blog, and THEN check work emails.

    you'll be missed.

    Juddah - NYC

  2. no worries. just make a good mix for me to bootleg.


  3. Keep up all the good work Nes across the board, looking forward to peeping anything you may do...