May 30, 2008

Q-Bert cuts

Check out Q-bert's official youtube page with his Thudrumble crew. They've been throwing up a bunch of Q-bert's scratching sessions to promote the new scratch/battle records they have available. DJ Q-bert is just nuts, noone will ever come close to this dude's scratches, see for yourself...


  1. Q-Bert is great,but he's not even close to being my favorite dj..

    I've seen a TON of his performances,and i've always noticed he rarely scratches words,just those fast "scratchy" noises.

    Where as someone like Cash Money scratches diffrent words,like"Rock rock,rock,rock rock rock,the bells"

    Anyone else agree?

  2. My favorite scratch song is either Cash Money's "Scratchin To The Funk" or Terminator X/Johhny Juice "You're Gonna Gt Yours" (Getaway Scratch Version)

    Both are from the mid 80's,were waaaay ahead of their time,and imo,are the 2 illest scratch joints i've ever heard.
    DJ Scratch of "Rampage" was off the hook too.

    Those are 3 examples of the kind of scratching i like the most.

  3. q bert is just on a whole other level
    he just put that scratch thing on a whole other level
    even though you re not gonna feel his skillz
    cause sometimes he is just too technical

    and of course guys like cash money,scratch,and many others are great performers
    because they know how to rock a crowd

    when it comes to terminator x
    i wouldn't bet on his scratch skillz
    we re not even sure he was the one scratchin on P.E.'s albums

    But Damn Q-Bert
    He's Just A Scratch Alien

  4. I would say Q is my favorite as far as cuts are concerned, as far as mixtapes, party rocking, etc, I would definitely go with someone else. But with the cuts, hands down Q-bert is the most innovative, IMO. Indeed on some next level alien type of shit.

    That 'your gonna get yours' getaway mix was the joint, and all those tracks u mentioned, really classic hip hop cuts. scratch, cash money, def put it down. you def know what time it is..

    It's a shame more artists these days don't incorporate DJ's in their live shows, and on their records (during the hook and all that) it seems like u have your producer and MC and that's it.

  5. q aint gotta be ur favorite dj, but u can't dis his scratching ability. he transformed the art by developing crazy patterns and what not. kid is above the clouds when it comes to scratching.

    btw, scratch's cuts on "rampage" is prob one of my fav all time cuts. they fit in perfectly with the track.