May 6, 2008

New York Live 1996

You can get an LP or a mix
practically anywhere in stores
or on the internet, especially nowadays with all the blogging and bootlegging going on, but for me, these old radio shows are the real gems. I'm going to try and up as many as I can because I really think they need to be heard and appreciated, especially for those who weren't around to hear them. I used to be dedicated to radio back in the day and still have fond memories from that time. I was a little too young for Mr Magic, Red Alert, Chuck Chillout, etc, but fortunately I get to catch them now so I'm happy to return the favor for all. Here is another one from my personal collection, a New York Live show from the summer of 1996 trimmed down from 90 min. to around 80 to fit on your average audio CD.

This one isn't pause edited like a lot of my old tapes are, so you'll hear a straight mix from DJ Riz and the talking from Mayhem and Sunset, so vibe out and bring back memories, or get a feel for what the show was like if you've never heard it. The Raekwon rainy days remix was the exclusive when I taped this.

1) Lace Da Booms
2) Tribe Called Quest
3) De La Soul (vinyl reanimators remix)
4) Beatnuts
5) Jeru The Damaja
6) Lil Kim
7) Nine
8) Ill Advised
9) Artifacts
10) A Tribe Called Quest
11) Blahzay Blahzay
12) M.O.P.
13) Doo Wop
14) EDO.G.
15) Raekwon (remix)
16) De La Soul


  1. Yo son,

    This post is GANGSTAH....
    You got any more of these shows?

    Peaceout from Amsterdam

  2. yeah i have one more new york live show posted.

    thanks for the comment and peace to everyone in Amsterdam