June 30, 2012

Stretch & Bobbito 11-4-1993 (Das Efx, Akinyele, Large Pro)

Ok, so let's start this summer madness off with a bang. This is the first of many from the files of Koop in VA, a Stretch & Bobbito  show from the prime of it's run. Guests on this date are Das Efx promoting their 2nd LP 'Straight Up Sewaside' and also Akinyele and Large Professor promoting Akinyele's 'Vagina Diner.' Both of these classic freestyles were featured on the Freestyle Frenzy compilations, but here you get the whole uncut sessions. You'll hear Akinyele responding to the Source article by Kierna Mayo which harshly criticized Akinyele's lyrics on the LP, particularly those on the song 'I luh Huh.' Also you'll hear a little bit of Large Professor dissing Main Source after they split.

1) Intro
2) Masta Ace Inc. - Saturday Night (Remix)
3) Common Sense - Heidi Ho
4) Erick Sermon - Rock the House
5) YZ - Ghetto's Been Good to Me
6) Diamond D - You Can't Front
7) Black Moon - I Gotcha Open
8) Das Efx - Wontu
9) Casual - That's How it is (Remix)
10) Masta Ace Inc. - Crazy Drunken Style
11) Akinyele - The Bomb
12) Das Efx Interview/Freestyle
13) Alkaholiks - Last Call
14) Ultramagnetic MC's - Raise it Up
15) Black Moon - Act Like you Want it
16) De La Soul - Lovely How I let My Mind Float
17) Redman - Tonight's The Night (Remix)
18) Akinyele - Checkmate
19) Akinyele & Large Professor Interview/Freestyle
20) Akinyele & Kool G Rap - Break A Bitch Neck
21) Akinyele & Large Pro Interview/Freestyle (cont.)
22) Nas - It Ain't Hard To Tell
23) Del - Booboo Heads
24) Masta Ace Inc - Slaughtahouse (Remix)


  1. Thanks! The missing song titles are "Wontu" (Das EFX) and "Slaughtahouse (Death Mix)" (Masta Ace Inc.)

  2. word thanks for help Krisch

  3. First off,thank's for posting this.

    But,and i know i sound greedy,i hate when i can't fit these shows onto a cd.

  4. lord bless u DW, lord bless u child!!
    thats all i can say

  5. whats the beat at the start of the das efx interview/freestyle

  6. Anyone else having trouble with the dl link? Do you have to have a Fileswap account to dl?

  7. I had some trouble, too. Eventually got it so I will mirror it. Link soon...


  9. MONSTER !!!!!!

    Thanks for this Nes, and biggest shouts to the man KOOP for the archives...

    This is heavyweight, I Luh it