June 10, 2012

Dirty Waters

The Dirty Waters blog hits the 5 year mark this month. Thanks to everyone, again, for all the support over the years. After 500+ posts I'm running a little short of material but I'm still trying to keep this going. Most of the stuff in the archives has been re-upped through Fileswap, but if anything in particular is missing drop a line and I'll try to get it active again.


  1. Thanks for the years of dedication in bringing the ill tape rips and demos and everything else that is rare, obscure, and dope, to the public!

  2. no doubt Verge, thanks to you and all the TROY guys for help and support over the years as well

  3. Peace Nes, mad props on all of the goodies you have bought heads over the years and massive props on your 5 years.

  4. Yep, you get props over here Nes.
    Thanks for all the niceness you've shared.
    5 years & counting, long live Dirty Waters.

  5. THANKS FOR Whats you have done here ! Its highly appreciated !