June 15, 2012

Stretch & Bobbito 7-20-1995

This is another combined effort, thanks to Hectic Eclectic for helping out with parts of these rips. This is a Stretch & Bobbito show from summer, 1995 and it's got quite a line-up. A total of 5 guest appearances.
First up was Mad Skillz and Lonnie B from the Supafriendz crew. This was right around the time the 'Nod Factor' 12" came out. The two go in over Buckwild's remix for Bahamadia's 'Respect the Architect.'

Next I.G. Off & Hazardous make their second appearance on the show. These two go in over Jemini's Godfather Don Remix and AZ's 'Rather Unique.' This session really captures the energy the group had, and they also play their classic '95 demo. (Their first appearance on the show was Feb 10, 1994 -for anyone with tapes, please contact me if you have this show). After one of his verses, I.G. Off mentions that it was 'a little something from the album,' so this confirms these two had some material that has probably never been heard but a lot of people. Let's hope that in the future some of this gets released...

3rd in the line-up you have Almighty Arrogant and Mista Meana (could be spelling that wrong). I'm not all that familiar with these guys or what material they had out around that time. Then you have Jay-Z & The Crooklyn Bandits (which was Memphis Bleek and some other dude) getting busy over 'Player's Anthem.'

Finally you have legendary Philadelphia DJ/Turntablist DJ Cash Money with a quick set of routines, including juggles with King Just's 'No Flow at the Rodeo,' KRS-One's 'Ah Yeah' and Eric B & Rakim's 'Eric B For President.' All in all, this show is definitely one for the history books.

Stretch & Bobbito 7-20-1995 

1) Kool G Rap - It's a Shame (Remix?)
2) Ill Al Scratch - Dr. Feelgood
3) Mobb Deep - Up North Trip
4) Lil Joon - Life
5) Cella Dwellas -
6) L Swift - Check Da Style
7) AZ - Your World Don't Stop (Remix)
8) Mad Skillz & Lonnie B Freestyles
9) KRS-One - MC's Act Like They Don't Know
10) Method Man - The Riddler
11) I.G. Off & Hazardous Freestyles
12) I.G. Off & Hazardous Demo
13) Mobb Deep - About to Get Hectic
14) Walkin' Large - When I Flow
15) Pudgee - Think Big
16) Method Man & Redman - How High
17) Powerrule - Dawn to Dusk
18) Almighty Arrogant & Mista Meana Freestyles
19) Das Efx - Real Hip Hop
20) L Swift - How It's Goin Down
21) Jay-Z - In My Lifetime
22) Jay-Z & Crooklyn Bandits Freestyles

1) DJ Cash Money Interview/ DJ Set
2) Das Efx - Dedicated
3) Raekwon - Criminolgy
4) Crooklyn Clan -
5) Black Smif N Wessun - Headz Ain't Ready

bonus- singled out...

Jay Z & Crooklyn Bandits Freestyles

Cash Money on Stretch & Bobbito's show


  1. thanks for the help homie

  2. This is one of the illest shows, thanks for the rip. IG Off and Hazadous really killed it tho, one of my favourite freestyle sessions from any of the shows.