June 20, 2012

Eddie F & The Untouchables - Let's Get it On (Beatnuts Remix)

Just ran across this posse cut
that's kind of interesting...

"Let's Get it On" with Heavy D, 
Tupac, Notorious B.I.G. and 
Grand Puba was featured on a
compilation arranged by co-founder
of Uptown Records, DJ Eddie F.
The LP showcased the new and
upcoming MC's at the time. B.I.G.
and Spunk Bigga (who is not featured
on this version) were pretty much the
only new names on this cut.

This version is a remix done by the Beatnuts, using the acapella from the 12". You'll notice it's the same Johnny Guitar Watson flip the Beatnuts used for Mad Skills' 'Nod Factor,' the only difference being some snare scratches thrown in the mix.(Funny how the 'Skills in 95' instrumental also got leaked on 89.9, even earlier in 1993) This one was a Stretch Armstrong exclusive (as you'll hear on the drop) that ran for a few months in 1994.

Eddie F - Let's Get it On (Beatnuts Remix)

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