June 27, 2012

Coming Soon...

Big, Big shouts to my man Koop in VA for sending me a grip of 89.9 goodness. Soon all of these will be ripped and featured on DW, so lots of treats to come...

I'll say it again, anyone with any old school radio shows similar to what you find on DW, I am more than happy to transfer them to MP3's. If you're not local you can mail them through and I'll even cover the shipping costs. I'll have them ripped, copied to data disks, and mailed back to you as soon as possible. Shouts to everyone who has submitted material, it is most appreciated.


  1. Thank's a mil Nes!


  2. Damn, good fuckin shit! Lookin forward to alladat. Word up.

  3. i cant wait for this!!
    i needs my Stretch & Bob fix!!
    now i hope these tapes havent been posted already....that would be a debbie downer indeed.

  4. thanks for all the responses, it's going to be a treat filled summer!