April 1, 2009

Boogie & The Barber 1996

Keeping up with the Stretch & Bobbito motif I got going lately, here is another one. Unlike the rest of the shows posted here which are from my collection (unless otherwise noted), this one is a reader submission. Peace to Dan out in Buffalo NY who sent me this Hot 97 Boogie and the Barber show from September 29, 1996, Stretch's Birthday broadcast. (Peace to Bobbito for helping out with the date) Apparently this one has been circulating on the internet, anyone out there who hosts a site with old Stretch & Bob tapes feel free to drop a weblink to sites, zshare links for shows in the comments below or send through email. I'm always interested in hearing these shows...

This night features Royal Flush right before his debut LP release on Blunt recordings. Stretch opens up with the unreleased 'Rotten Apple', which remained promo only due to the uncleared Dave Grusin sample. I really thought 'Rotten Apple' was a sick track that should of been on his LP, but the fact it's promo only gives it more record nerd mystique. I think that joint is priced at like a hundo now, one of those joints you would see a stack of on the floor at Fat Beats (on 9th) one week and gone the next.

Also in the mix you had the Bush Babies promoting their Gravity LP. This was shortly after Tupac's death so Y-Tee (I think) drops a little dedication verse for him. These dudes always had a good vibe and I thought the Gravity LP was a slept on gem.

This one came in two parts but I cut out a commercial and some talking at the end and squeezed it into a little under one 80 minute rip so you can fit onto an audio CD if that's your thing. The sound quality is pretty good and this is classic shit right here, enjoy...

Stretch & Bobbito - September 29, 1996

1) Royal Flush - Rotten Apple
2) M.F. Grimm - Get Down
3) Akinyele - Love me For Free
4) Dutchmin - Surrounded
5) Shabaam Sediq - It Could Happen
6) Royal Flush Interview/Freestyle
7) Royal Flush - Iced Down Medallions
8) M.O.P. - Brownsville
9) Thrust - Lights, Camera, Action
10) Bush Babies Interview/Freestyle
11) Gauge - Cranium
12) Mr.Live - Relax Yaself
13) Heltah Skeltah - Place to Be
14) Company Flow - Population Control
15) M.F. Grimm - Emotions
16) Hilfiguz -
17) Royal Flush - Worldwide
18) Money Boss Players - Walk With the Limp

More shows to come, show some love in the comments>


  1. thanks for all these fat ass rap tunez mate i love 90s rap i used to buy alot of cds but im from england and its pretty limited over here still got a nice collection but since i found these blogs that your all doing i think shits crazy giving out your personal fat rare rap tunez to everyone for free i could not belive it still cant so i just want to say thanks for this i can not thank you and all the other bloggers enough. loving these stretch tapes cant belive you used to get this on the radio. thanks man

  2. yo seriously, i can never get enough of these hiphop radio history lessons that are the stretch & bob show rips. Mad props my man. Keep droppin em b/c they're appreciated no doubt.

  3. Track 16 = Hillfiguz - Boom
    Thanks for the upload.

  4. Thanks Nes, keep these shows coming! I have a few more to post as well....

  5. Gotta Check this one out Dirty I never heard of em!! Thanks!!

  6. Alway good to get more STRETCH & BOB shows

    BTW:Why isn't there more STRETCH & BOB shows from there HOT97 stint floatin around?