April 6, 2009

Last Emporer

Last Emporer had two of my favorite demos back in the day, this one I'm posting here, and another one where he did impressions of all of the MC's out at the time, Busta Rhymes, Common Sense, it was a good concept. I have it somewhere but can't locate it. Anyone out there who has it send it over. I saw Last Emporer perform live here at Rutgers this same year 1996 (on some real backpack shit), with DJ Scribble and a bunch of other people. It was a good show and the best kind, free.

The WNYU appearance has DJ Cypha Sounds on the wheels playing an Outkast and Paul Nice instrumentals for Last Emporer, who drops a lot of outdated movie references.

Last Emporer WNYU New York Live 1996

This WKCR appearance has Stretch playing Kool G Rap's 'Foul Cats' instrumental. I think he kicks one of the same verses as he does on WNYU but still dope.

Last Emporer WKCR Stretch & Bobbito 1996

And here is the forementioned demo, 'Wild MC' one of my personal favorites.

Last Emporer - Wild MC


  1. A treat for you Nes...

  2. thats the one good lookin!

  3. Isn't 'Wild MC' called 'Animalistics'?

    More goodness...

  4. yeah you're probably right, I just kind of named it myself because I didn't know what he named it. I just saw there is a full demo tape of his circulating, pretty dope.

  5. Ah don't forget secret wars I & II !!! Last Emp had (has?)great ability to switch up the flow to sound like a lot of rappers. Nice post.

  6. Dope shit, man. I used to love the Animalistics. There was 2 versions. Both were pretty similar, one was the demo. Here's a link to the demo tape. From that link you can find another link to a shit ton of more Last Emp demos at Vincent Lopez' blog.