April 6, 2008

In The Mix

First of all
I want to give a shout out and a mention to a really decent forum called Philaflavor, where you can find a lot of good tracks, mixes, info, etc., that you might be looking for. I had a dub of this mix when it came out and have been trying to find it again for some time now. I finally found it today on Philaflavor, DJ Riz's 'In the Mix' mixtape from 1997. You probably know DJ Riz from DJing on the radio, WBAU, WNYU, WKTU, or his 'Live from Brooklyn' mixes, or even the party records he put out with the Crooklyn Clan. This mix here brings me back to his days on WNYU, New York Live, it's a mix of the some of the stuff he used to play on that show. DJ Riz always had nice clean blends, and just the right amount of scratches and juggles.

In The Mix 1997

Check out the 4th song on the A Side,
Foul Play featuring Heltah Skeltah, one of the illest unreleased joints ever


  1. waddup dude got some new ish !


  2. Good looking! I remember that Foul Play joint. Crazy ILL. I recently heard Mad Skillz and Lonnie B rhyming over respect the architect remix on one of my stretch tapes I found. That was crazy.

  3. yeah man that foul play is crazy, there is another version of that song with Ruc dropping a verse not just doing the hook, i have it on some tape somewhere need to find that.

    yo thats crazy you mentioned that night with Mad Skillz, i was actually just about to do a skillz post. I remember that night too, they were saying something about being country from Virginia, funny. i need to find that piece, are u able to rip your tapes to mp3?

  4. Not until I get the eqip. I saw on stretch's blog where he had the tascam 322. That is the best thing for me
    to get. The date for that joint was July 20/21 95
    I know it was Rock Steady weekend. Also Jayz was up there that night. He was weak. He was better when Him and big l repped. But mad skillz is crazy. i have to find the other freestyle with him over land of the lost
    joint. I remember that ILL line he ended it with


  5. i do all my rips with a soundcard, only 30 beans at best buy. all you need is the card and an rca chord from your tape player to computer, sounds good.

    I always wanted to hear his track 'ghostwriter' with the names in it. I remember I saw him live with Large Pro and the Dwellas at SOB's right after that track came out hoping he would do it with the names live but he didn't.

    I have a bunch of Mad Skillz stretch freestyles im gonna do a dope skillz post soon

  6. The knowledge on this blog never ceases to amaze me. That Foul Play joint is crazy. If I'm not mistakin I believe they were signed and dropped by Wild Pitch. One of Bobbito's favorite demo's he would play was Foul Play's 'The Black Cloud' which was dope. I have a nice crispy recording of this track that I recorded onto mini-disc on Bobbito's farewell show.

  7. think ure right about wild pitch cause eclipse had them on that wild pitch mix he did, they were a good group. I actually have Bobbito's farewell show too gonna post that one up in future...