April 13, 2008


First off, big thanks to everyone for help with the splitting programs.
I have taken Mike's advice and started using Audacity and it's been working out pretty well, I highly recommend it. If anyone wants to send over a different program that you think would work better, I'm open to trying anything..

I've also put together a list of mixtapes I have for trade if anyone out there wants to trade mixtapes link for link hit me up with a list of what you have..

Last week I found a second
copy of this Les McCann LP (anyone want to make an offer?), one of my favorites, Talk to the People. Heads who dig know Les McCann has loads of samples on all of his LP's, as well as some real good music. This song 'talk to the people' is a perfect example. A real positive, mellow song promoting communication and unity. You'll recognize this song from an interlude on Pete Rock's Mecca and the Soul Brother LP. This album also holds a bangin drumbreak and some Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder covers, with some background vocals from your boy Eugene McDaniels...

Les McCann - Talk to the People

Eugene McDaniels
has a timeless classic with his 'Headless Heroes' LP in 1971, and the same can be said about this album from the year before, Outlaw in 1970. Not as good as Headless Heroes in my opinion, but few albums are. This cut here, Cherrystones opens with a nice little drum break followed by your boy Ron Carter on the bass and Mother Hen on the piano. This album flows with the same peace and love theme Les Mcann rocks with on the previous track. 'Long as I have my clams I don't give a damn, about muddy waters... long as I have my rice and it's tastin' nice I'm gonna love your daughters"

Eugene McDaniels - Cherrystones

"we have killed the very earth beneath our feet...
yet we still kill each other and speak of the future."

-mc d.


  1. What's good Nes! Good write up on both albums. My favorite Mccaan song is Roberta. So beautiful. Eugene has some good ones. Familiar samples though that people should recognize. Good stuff!

  2. thanks bro, hell yeah that 'much les' LP with Roberta is real dope, i really dig all his stuff.