April 20, 2008

Stretch & Bobbito 6-24-1993

I dug deep
in the files and found some more old Stretch & Bobbito tapes, this one is June 23, 1994. It starts out with the classic Nas freestyle from 1993 with Grand Wizard & 69, I'm guessing he's playing this off the freestyle frenzy record because he blends it with the Black Moon instrumental. Then you'll hear some other records out that month, Lin Que, Das Efx, Mobb Deep 'me & my crew" from their first album, N-Tyce, Souls of Mischief, Black Moon 'U Da Man', bunch of good stuff on there. 35 minutes mix. Peace to a website dedicated to cassette tape nostalgia. The cassette you see in the picture above is the exact same kind of maxell tape I used to dub this show. The site has a huge stash of old cassette pictures.

Stretch & Bobbito 6-23-1993


  1. Thanks for this as well. I didn't start taping the shows until that Aug.

  2. That is a sick, sick lineup from the golden age...

  3. Yo fam, first of all mad props for how u operatin this blog! Lotta golden jewels up in here man. I can't get enough of ol skool stretch & bobbito. Can u re-up this one?