April 1, 2008

Beautiful Things

There's a lot of good artists on the Cadet label, Ramsey Lewis, Dorothy Ashby, Marlena Shaw, Jack Mcduff, the list goes on. Eddie Fisher had two albums on Cadet, 'Eddie Fisher & The Next One Hundred Years' and 'The Third Cup'. There's not much info on this guy, even on the record (Eddie Fisher the guitar player, not Eddie Fisher the singer) so I have no cut and paste info. I can tell you he's nasty with a guitar, and this album in its entirety comes highly recommended.

'Beautiful Things' is 12 minutes long with an extended 4 minute string intro. It starts off slow and mellow, then switches halfway through with a bassline (you may recognize from Organized Konfusion's 9 X's out of 10 or Beastie Boys 'Get it Together' Buckwild Remix).


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