April 29, 2008

After Hours

I just found out about these break mixes by DJ Ame and DJ DvL from 2001 and I'm wondering why I never knew about them. DJ Ame is giving them away free on his myspace along with some other mixes (including a couple Dilla mixes). These two collaborated under the name After Hours and dropped this two part mix of obscure original breaks. I've been listening to them the past couple days in the whip and I definitely want to recommend them for all those out there who like the break mixes, they play a lot of stuff you haven't heard on other mixtapes, and it's really well mixed. Be sure to check out his myspace or Laid Back for some more good stuff.

While you're out there checking out good stuff on the web, stop over to my boy Keef's blog. He just got started so show him some love...


  1. dope mixes i never heard of those damn!!!
    and your blog is gettin hotter and hotter
    i got to step up
    big up bro

  2. thanks Mass I was just checking out that Jazzy Jeff mix on your page, dope stuff