April 3, 2008

5th Platoon

The 5th Platoon is a DJ crew consisting of Neil Armstrong, Vinroc, I-Emerge, Rholi Rho, Daddy Dog, Kuttin Kandi, and Do Boy. If you don't know, read more about them here. This tape is a clip from the group's appearance on a show I don't know much about called 'Over Your head radio' on WSOU 89.5 (Seton Hall University, East Orange New Jersey), I think they promoted this on a flier so I tuned in. You've got 4 members of the group here doing some dope beat juggling and scratching routines...

1)Neil Armstrong
2)Kuttin Kandi
3)Daddy Dog
4)Rholi Rho

-the tracks that follow their sets (Slick Rick, Beatnuts, DITC) are from a Stretch and Bobbito XL show I had on the same tape.

-Apparently DJ Neil Armstrong will be Jay-Z's official tour DJ on the 'Heat of The City' tour. Congrats to Neil for the accomplishment, read more about this here.

I used to see the 5th platoon perform at the open table events and also parties thrown for the 'Battle Sounds' turntablism documentary film. I saw a screening of this film at one of the parties but never heard of its official release. Looking on the Battle Sounds website I see that they have released a 'Whitey cut' for the film, but the link to purchase has expired. Does anyone out there own this documentary? For those who don't know this was a DJ Documentary that was made years before the movie 'Scratch' came out. I remember in the film the dude who made it (John Carluccio) talked about this 'scratching sheet music', musical transcriptions for some of the different scratches. You can see/download these transcriptions here.


  1. neil armstrong is the man! those "original" series mixtapes were so dope. for anyone that hasn't heard them, i highly suggest finding them. maybe nes can post a sample of 'em to whet your ear palate.

  2. no doubt those are great tapes, you can check non-stop on this blog:

  3. and original here:

  4. Word...I have a vhs copy of that battle sounds documentry from 1997. See if I can get it converted & I'll upload it...

  5. word?!? oh man i'd pay for a download link if u could manage it, or i have plenty for trades...
    been dying to own a copy

  6. FYI: Members of 5th Platoon are kicking off our opening night of Turntablist Sessions @ Queensbridge Park!

    June 5, 12, 19 & 26, 2008
    Thursdays from 5pm - 9pm
    Queensbridge Park
    41st & Vernon Blvd.
    LIC, Queens NYC 11101

    Free. All Ages! Turntablists, Partyrockers, Top battle DJs unite to rock legendary Queensbridge Park!

    June 5: 5th Platoon DJs Daddy Dog, Roli Rho & Neil Armstrong

    June 12: Ill Insanity DJs Rob Swift, Total Eclipse & Precision

    June 19: Roc Raida, Steve Dee, Boogie Blind & Mista Sinista

    June 26: Davy DMX, DJ Supreme, Spictakular, Glenbrowski Just added : Johnny Juice Rosado!

    Trains: F to 21st, Queens or N, W, 7 to Queensboro Pl. Bus: Q102 to Vernon Blvd. Fastest route? Try