August 2, 2007

I used to kind of hate on this site when I first found out about it, but like most things in life, there's a positive and negative side. On the one hand you have people who are lazy and don't want to learn about good music on their own who can come up onto the site and just make lists to take to record stores or ebay, and then you have the record companies that learn about the site that make lists of artists they can potentially sue for sampling their music; but on the other hand, for people like myself, you have the chance to get answers to questions that have plagued you, maybe for years, about records you've been trying to find, (the forum on this site can get you up to date sample info within weeks of a song dropping from people who contribute) Considering most DJ's aren't supporting vinyl as much since the arrival of the serato, I consider this site maybe a little helpful to inspire people to go out and buy an old record.

For people like myself who love going to record stores and checking the new arrival bins, there isn't that much going on anymore, all the record stores and even the Cd stores are all closing, at least in my area. Even the seasonal record conventions aren't doing as well. There was an 'all vinyl' convention that used to take place here in NJ that ended due to lack of support, so now the only record shows/conventions that take place are mostly a mixture of one or two decent record dealers (with decent finds/prices) and a bunch of other vendors selling bootleg concert videos, music paraphernalia, or Cd's. What happened to buying vinly and Cd'? Doesn't anyone care about having the album for the cover art, or inserts, or actually supporting the artists... or even sampling, remember that?

Anyway, all of you prducers, collectors, diggers, record enthusiasts, check out the site if you're looking for the answer to what song did they use for this? Plus the dude who runs it has some interesting write-ups on various subjects.

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  1. This will be an odd comment for sure:

    I don't know if you just found that pic of all the records on the internets or if that's your own collection, but I'll tell you, I have those same exact "crates" for my records, and they are so flimsy and fragile that sometimes I'm afraid to just take a record out to listen to. There's some serious stress on the crates in that picture and I am completely amazed that they are holding up. If that's our collection, I commend you for taking those crates to task. If it's just a random pic, you probably think I'm a fucking weirdo.

    Anyway, I enjoy your site, and I'll link you on mine once I get motivated to do such a thing. Keep up the good work.

  2. Mike: I think you're a fucking weirdo.
    Dirtry: I really like what you're doing!

  3. yo Mike these crates are indeed my own and they do kind of suck. They sag with all the weight and I had to re-enforce them around each corner. I was trying to find out where I could find a decent wall storage unit, someone recently told me that IKEA had some decent shit. You aren't a weirdo either. Thanks for the comments and support from both you guys word.