August 7, 2007

Kool Keith

Kool Keith has always been one of the most creative and influential MC's, since his debut with the Ultramagnetic MC's in the early 80's. He's appeared on over 40 albums under a variety of different names such as Dr. Octagon, Dr.Dooom, the Cenubites, etc. Kool Keith was never afraid to do something different, and he definitely brings his own style, and unique brand of humor to hip hop.

Kool Keith made an appearance on WRSU's Radio Ruckus, where I had the opportunity to meet him. Not only only a dope MC, but Kool Keith is also very knowledgeable of sports, as you may be able to tell from some of the work he did on Ultramagnetic's "Four Horsemen" LP. After an hour long interview of mostly baseball and basketball sports talk, he dropped an exclusive freestyle for us. He also blessed all of us with an autographed copy of his 'Personal Album', which he was promoting along with his collaborative project with Kutmaster Kurt 'Diesel Truckers'. He claimed the Personal Album was limited to 10,000 copies. Here is one of my favorite tracks off the album called 'Do what I want to' with nice usage of Sade's 'Keep Looking' also one of my favorite tracks. Enjoy-

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