August 27, 2007

Drum Crazy

I just posted some youtube videos spinning some of my favorite drum break records. The selections are mostly rock records, but all of them have nice, open drum breakdowns. I have more records I wanted to use for these, so I'm planning on making a few more of these, but for now, here is parts 1 and 2, both around 4 minutes long. I named it drum crazy, but I didn't really use the 'drum crazy' compilations, all of the records are the original records, original pressings. To peep all the drum crazy mixes, check my youtube page. Enjoy..

Part 1

Part 2


  1. Some good shit. The only thing that you could have done to make this post greater would have been to share some of the breaks. Great site.

    Also, I saw that you were asking for recommendations or suggestions. If you could up your files in bitrates of 192 or greater or at least in VBR, that would be great. But, I know some of these files may have been hard to come by in the first place and you probably got them in 128, so, it's understandable.