August 23, 2007

How Ya Livin?

Since I just asked you how you got down, I might as well ask you, How ya Livin? This track is classic early 90's hip hop at it's finest. An unreleased gem from Sadat X and Grand Puba (of Brand Nubian) along with Pete Rock doing cuts. The Elektra collaboration son. They shout out Marley Marl's In control radio show, so I'm guessing it was a track made exclusively for them. This is a rip from an old dusty cassette. Everything about this track is dope, and Pete Rock did his thing on the zigga-zigga (damn that's old school) If you didn't know Pete Rock could cut check this track. You gotta love early 90's hip hop.

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  1. can u pleas reup this zshare link its dead