January 11, 2011

WNYU archives

WNYU has been hooking up the treats with some old episodes of P-Fine's show
Rap This! and other shows that ran on WNYU circa 1980's. Here are some of
the shows they have posted thus far on their achives page, hopefully they'll
keep this up. Anyone out there want to help me out with MP3's of these?

LL Cool J, 1986, Rap This! w/ P-Fine by WNYU

Ultramagnetic MC's, 1989, Club 89 w/ Leigh Lust by WNYU Holiday Archives

Afrika Bambaataa, 1986, NAS w/ Joel by WNYU Classic Archives


  1. Hey man, sorry i missed this post when it happened. I got you the two archives but for some reason the Ultra one will not work. I tried 6 times already and I'll try again later.

    But in the meantime, here's the LL one and the Bambaata one:

  2. ill, good looks Verge, really really appreciate this. I gotta get with the Mozilla