January 18, 2011


I was chopping it up with Nasa at Uncommon Records (who's been providing a lot of the treats this week) about all the classic hip hop radio shows that used to run back in the 80's and 90's, and man, there is so many one could name... But just to give credit where it is due, with help from the readers, I'd like to see how many classic hip hop radio shows we can shed light on...

I was a teenager in the mid 90's, so I missed all the 80's hip hop shows, but I know my weekly radio routine back then, for a while, was- Evil Dee's Hot 97 show on Mondays or Tuesdays, Then there was the Underground Railroad on WBAI on Tuesday nights, later Saturday nights, then Wednesday and Thursday nights Martin Moore/Mayhem/Sunset/Riz had their WNYU shows Club 89/New York Live (later reinvented as the Halftime Show), then there was the Stretch Armstrong Show hosted by Bobbito on Thursday nights, and Future Flavors with Marley Marl and Pete Rock on Hot 97, Sunday nights.

Thinking back, that was a pretty sick line up of hip hop shows and I wish I cut some kind of bulk deal with TDK or Sony on cassettes to record every minute of radio possible. Fortunately, this blog, and blogs/forums like this seek to preserve these old classic radio shows and inspire one to dig through the dusty shoebox for gems.

So I'll ask all the readers out there, worldwide, what radio stations really set you off? past or present? Let's see how many different shows we can reminisce on in this post, let me know your favorite shows in the comments section. Let me know the DJ's, the stations, the area, the air times, the show's life span, what you remember from it, etc...

Check this promo from Natural Element's L Swift
for WNYU's New York Live show. He breaks down
all the radio shows that were poppin' at the time...

L Swift promo


  1. yo Nes, i grew up in TX bro so any of the NYC radio shows yall knew i didnt.
    its only when i started reading the Source in '95 when i found about HOT 97, Stretch & bobbito and Future Flavors. but still up to that point i never heard any of their shows.
    i wasnt until i say about '05-'06 is when i finally heard a Stretch & Bobbito Show and Future Flavors.
    and back in '96 was when i heard a Hot 97 radio rip from a friend of mine was from NYC but moved to TX.

  2. Man, NY radio was craaaazy back then. I was reminiscing w/Verge a while back about all the shows we listen to. Certainly the ones already mentioned. I started back in 1983, w/WKTU and WKRS/KISS (where Run-DMC began their ascent), but sadly I lost what little I recorded.

    Then of course, what fan DIDN'T listen to Mr. Magic's Rap Attack w/Marley Marl (and his pre-Pete Rock proteges Kevy Kev and Chilly Q) and Red Alert on KISS in the late 80s?

    Then there was the classic Saturday nite lineup ca. 1994-95 beginning w/the primetime shows like The Operating Room on BLS w/Doc Dre, Ed Lover, (sometimes featuring Silver D) or Funk Flex, then over to Underground RR on BAI @ midnite, then over to WNWK for the holy trinity of graveyard shows starting w/The Awesome Two, then Kevin Keith & the Dirty Dozen, ending w/Hank Love & Half Pint (tho by then I was probably catching zzz's).

    It wasn't without questionable practices. Does anyone remember around 91 KISS played the same taped Red Alert show every Fri and Sat nite for what seemed like months? I think I even have the playlist somewhere, shit was ridiculoid. It was like, is anyone calling to complain about this?

    I couldn't get a signal for the Long Island shows like P Fine, Wildman Steve, Jeff Foss, Riz, etc. I also remember reading about a show called "Pure Righteousness" ca. early 90s. If anyone knows about that or even recorded it, I'd love to hear it.

  3. That's what I'm talking about Aleph! Thanks for sharing, I didn't realize you were listening since 83 that's whats up!

    I forgot to mention Eli's Night Train show on Tuesdays back in late 90's

    I'm trying to hear about the good radio shows all over the world as well, from the west coast to abroad...

  4. Haha, no question Nes. Props to you and the blog for keeping classic hip hop radio alive for the generations to come.

    Yeah, I'm ancient. I knew I would be dating myself by revealing that but it's worth mentioning to let heads know that yes, there was hip hop radio before 88! Truth be told, it was peer pressure that led me to hip hop, otherwise it would've been classic rock and oldies radio 24-7, lol. I just wish I remembered who hosted/dj'ed back then other than Paco on KTU.

    Mention should also be given to another show I never caught back in the late 80s: Stretch & Bob's predecessors @ KCR, Pete Nice and Richie Rich.

  5. nah, no shame in the game, I kinda wish I had a few years on me to be able to enjoy some of those days a little more.

    How about the old school at noon shows, I think Red Alert and Mister Cee were both doing those on 97 and 105 at one point. Also Mister Cee and Mister Magic's Classic Showcase was dope.

    Let's hope more peeps add on..

  6. there was also mister cee best of both worlds on wnye from 10-11 on thursdays for a minute

    and marley marl had pirate radio with pete rock then k def on saturdays

  7. Just finished listening to a S&B show from 93. Ghetto Communicator gave a shout out to Lamelle from "Hardcore Righteousness". THAT was the name of the show I mentioned earlier, not "Pure Righteousness."

  8. "We came from beyond" my personal favorite, most consistent radio show of all time, ran for 22 years each week in Los Angeles until late last year..The lobg archive of guests that appeared on this show over the years is staggering.

  9. This is my wants list, ever increasing and worrying at the same time. The US gear youll no doubt be aware of but I hope the UK info helps. Hopefully all the info is correct. Please dont hesitate to correct me on anything...

    Plenty of info on Mike Allen and Tim Westwood can be found here:

    Afrika Islam - Zulu Beat - WHBI
    Awesome2 [Special K & Teddy Ted] - WHBI/ WNWK
    Chuck Chillout - WRKS [Kiss FM] & WBLS
    Clark Kent - WBLS & Various
    Martin Moore & DJ Mayhem [Club 89/New York Live] - WNYU
    Dee Nasty - Radio Nova [Paris]
    Dr Dre & T-Money Operating Room - WBAU
    Funkmaster Flex [DJ Underground Bandit] - WQHT/ WRKS
    Ghetto Style DJs - WJHM [Miami]
    Go Go Dave [Dave Mays] & JJ The Sultan of Rap [Jon Schecter] - WHRB [Boston]
    Greg Mack - KDAY
    Hank Love & DNA - WNWK
    Kid Capri - WBLS
    Kool DJ Red Alert - WRKS [Kiss FM]
    Lady B - WUSL FM [Philly]
    Lady B - WHAT AM [Philly]
    Marley Marl - Rap Attack [w/ Kevy Kev and Chilly Q] - WBLS/ In Control [w/ Pete Rock] - WBLS/ Future Flavas [w/ Pete Rock] - WQHT
    Mr Magic - WHBI [Disco Showcase]/ WBLS [Rap Attack]
    Nasty Nes - KFOX [Seattle]
    P-Fine - WNYU
    Pete Nice and Richie Rich - WKCR
    Prince Ice - KMEL
    Ron Nelson Fantastic Voyage show - CKLN [Toronto]
    Silver D - WBLS
    Stretch & Bobbito - WKCR
    Takagi Kan - Major Force [Tokyo]
    Vandy C - WNYE
    We Came From Beyond show- WXLU
    Wildman Steve & DJ Riz - WBAU
    World Famous Supreme Team [Se'Divine the Mastermind & Justice Allah the Superstar] - WHBI

    Chad Jackson - Piccadilly Radio
    Dave Pearce & RJ Scratch - Fresh Start to the Week GLR [Greater London Radio]
    Delroy Briscoe - Sky Community Radio London
    Dr Strange - LFM, Lethal FM [Leeds]
    Dr Strange - ICR, Inner City Radio [Leeds]
    Jeff Young - Big Beat [Friday nights Radio One]
    Leaky Fresh & Owen D - Out to Distress Rap Show - Manchester
    Mark Ross - WNK in North London
    Max LX and Dave VJ - Kiss FM [Wednesday nights]
    Mike Allen - Capital Rap Show [1984 - 1987]
    Mike Allen - National Fresh [Syndicated versions of the Capital show 1986 - 1987]
    Richie Richs Rap Academy - Kiss 100 FM
    Roger Johnson - Powernite FM London
    Spinmasters [808 State] - Sunset 102 FM
    Stu Allan - Piccadilly Radio
    Stu Allan - Bus Diss [Key 103 FM]
    Steve Wren 'Rap Attack' - [Choice FM]
    Triston B [3 hour Sunday afternoon show on BBC Radio Bristol]
    Tim Westwood - LWR [1984 - 1985]
    Tim Westwood - KISS FM [1985 - 1987]
    Tim Westwood - Capital Radio [1987 - 1994]
    Tim Westwood - Radio One 1st Show - 12 October 1994

  10. This is Prince Ice of KMEL ,back in the day, and I appreciate even being mentioned among so many great DJS. There are many of my KMEL DJ intros and mixes on my site. Please feel free to check them out, if you wish at

    much love, Iceman

  11. One on the list here