January 6, 2011


Yooo... peace to everyone checking DW on the regular and peace to everyone sending me e-mails. And for those of you who have NYC radio tapes, yes, I will be happy to digitize them for you. I definitely want to encourage a little more feedback/comments on the posts here. The reader input has kind of run dry lately, so if you feel inclined, drop a line. I'm gonna try to keep on bringing the treats for the new year so stay tuned in. I know every six months or so I post saying I'm deading the site, but I'm sort of hooked in at this point.

Anyway in the last, I would say, year or so, there have been a lot of other sites/peoples doing the damn thing and hooking up the treats. I definitely want to give mentions/shouts to all the people over at Philaflava forums, Aleph/Bomba/Nobs/Steve/DJ Eclipse and all the peoples in there. If you like the old Stretch and Bobbito shows I post here, you can definitely find a bunch more over there. It's worth signing up for. Also shout out to Static Hiss a new blog that has been really getting a good start these past few months.

That's all, stay tuned for some more goodness to come...


  1. Happy new year!! Thanks for all and keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for the shout-out my man. I know the main drag with maintaining a blog is the lack of feedback. It can be like talking to yourself, or shouting into a black hole. "ANYONE OUT THERE?" As thankless as it seems, just keep doing your thing. It's never unappreciated.

  3. Yo! Don't shut down the blog, EVER! I just got here, haha. If I can make a suggestion it would be to hook up a Twitter feed that auto-updates when you post stuff here. It will probably help your traffic overall and repeat visits. peace!

  4. Big up for the shout out! I guess I have you to thank for blowing up my little blog!! Its gone crazy today, seriously thanks.

    I agree with whats been said about shouting into a hole...I have x5 more posts than comments, but I know my tapes are being downloaded.

  5. ^no doubt, you definitely deserve a mention, keep up the good work.