January 24, 2011

Stretch & Bobbito 8-14-1994

Here's another classic Stretch & Bobbito tape courtesy of the homie Nate in Boston via FJP. This tape features the El-P and J-Treds freestyle session (over Gangstarr's 'Speak Ya Clout') that was featured on the 'Farewell Fondle Em' compilation. Here you get the full 20 minute session, and another 25 minutes or so of Stretch in the mix.

1) Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Main Ingredient
2) Notorious B.I.G. - Unbelievable
3) Das Efx - Kaught in Da Act (DJ Premier Remix)
4) Red Hot Lover Tone - 4 my peeps
5) Company Flow - Corners
6) El P & J-Treds Interview/Freestyle (20 minutes)
7) OC - Time's Up (Stretch mix)
8) Mobb Deep - Shook Ones (part 1)

I want to say thanks again to Nasa, Nate, DJ Emskee my boy Greg T and everyone who has helped out with treats. If you have any cassettes that need ripping, or any treats you'd like to see posted here, feel free to e-mail. Be sure and give a shout to all these heads for their help and enjoy!


  1. Dope session, always wanted to hear it in full. As much as I like their later shit, I prefer the younger El-P and J-Treds steezes. Propers!

  2. Oh and also, the Co Flow nerd that I am is letting you know that that was an early version/demo of Corners that was played. Bobbito id's it as "Peepin Round Corners". Almost identical tho.

  3. I was actually just listening to one of the shows from the forums that had that version on it and I noticed a slight difference. It sounded like most of that 1st LP was made as early as 1993 kinda crazy