January 6, 2008

Jersey post 1 - The Outsidaz

I'm really not all that thorough with my reviews, I can be lazy when it comes to that kind of shit, so here is a little background info from Wikipedia:

The Outsidaz are a crew from Newark, New Jersey, perhaps best known through their affiliation with Eminem and Bizarre, who were former members of the group.

The group formed in 1991 after Young Zee and Pacewon met at a New Year's Eve party. At the time they met, Young Zee and Pacewon were rival MCs. Pacewon was a member of a crew named PNS, while Zee headed a crew named Skitzo. They decided to unite into one group, The Outsidaz, following a lengthy microphone battle that it was decided ended in a tie. Along with Pacewon and Young Zee, The Outsidaz consisted of Ax, Azz-Iz, BSkills, DJ Muhammed, D.U., Denton, Leun One, Nawshis, Rah Digga, Slang Ton (R.I.P.), and Yah Ya.

The Outsidaz were very successful on the underground scene, although their commercial success has been limited. They were featured on The Fugees' multi-platinum album The Score, released in 1996. Rah Digga would later go on to be successful with Busta Rhymes' crew Flipmode Squad, and would go onto marry her former crew-mate Young Zee.

Here is a record PaceWon put out in 2000, with an illustrated cover done by El Da Sensei. I should have added this one to my post on album covers with fresh artwork, but oh well. I couldn't decide which track I liked better, so I'm putting them both up, cause they are both pretty bangin.

Here is Young Zee's first 12" release from 1995 'No Brains class/Milk/Juice'. Milk has production from KRS-One and an intro from Busta Rhymes, and the track I'm going to feature here 'Juice' has appearances from Pace and Rah Digga (maybe also their first vinyl appearances as well?). 'Juice' is produced by Ski.

Here are two radio freestyle sessions from the Outz, the first one is Young Zee and Rah Digga on Stretch's hot 97 show, the second is Pace and Young Zee from WNYU's Halftime radio show, both are from around 1998.


  1. i guess some kids feel eminem is the reason the outz is famous, but since they were out with the fugees' score in 96, i say it was the fugees who put them out there.

    yo, thanks for stopping by.
    i see you reppin' jerz hard these last few posts.
    very nice.

  2. The Outz been around since the early 90's, Jersey knew about them for a long time. Most people heard them first on Young Zee's 12" in 95, Fugees LP, or even later after people found out they were working with Eminem.

    More 'New Jerusalem' posts to come

    RIP Biff Hop

  3. Great Crew & I wished they had made more records!!! I had Young Zee & Rah Digga on Radio Ruckus summer of 2006 as guests!!! Zee brought his group 152 Gang thru & they tore it down at the Court Tavern in New Brunswick afterwards!!! Pace Won was just on my show with Mr. Green his DJ?Producer in Dec. 2007 on Radio Ruckus!!! I'm glad some of The Outsidaz are still doing it!!! Pace Won's new album is dope!!!

  4. would you be so kind to post "No Brains class" and "Milk" from the Young Zee 12"?
    Outsidaz are dope, one doesn't need to be from Jersey to hear that!