January 27, 2008

Jersey Post 4 - The Escorts

Continuing on with the Jersey posts, this next group, The Escorts, recorded these two albums live from Rahway, NJ. Unfortunately it was live from the state prison. They were discovered by Motown producer George Kerr, who was visiting the prison to see one of the group's live performances.

(background info from the Escorts website) On April 23, 1973 The Escorts recorded their first album "All We Need Is Another Chance." As if the recording itself were not enough of a miracle, The Escorts recorded all vocals for all seven songs in less than nine hours. The event received mass media coverage worldwide and was hailed with phenomenal applause and respect. My favorite track on here 'Look over your shoulder', sounds like something Wu-Tang might sample. This record also features vocal samples that were used on Public Enemy's 'It Takes a Nation of Millions' LP.

(from the Escorts website) In the spring of 1974 The Escorts recorded a second album, "3 Down & 4 To Go". The message of the album was that three members of the group were free and four more were still seeking freedom. Like its predecessor, this album was also recorded behind the walls of Rahway State Prison and was equally embraced by audiences screaming for more. The song 'I can't stand (to see you cry)' you make recognize as the sample used for Dilla's 'Don't Cry' from his Donuts LP. For more infoabout the Escorts, check out their website.


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