January 20, 2008

Jersey Post 3 - Diesel Don & Tha Govna/ Redman

Diesel Don & Govna Mattic are from Newark, NJ. They fuse a reggae style with their rhymes, and they pull it off well. Check out these freestyles from the Halftime Show...

Diezzle Don & Da Govna Freestyles (Halftime Show WNYU Jun 1998)

Redman has been synonymous with Jersey since his debut with EPMD. I believe his first vinyl appearance was on EPMD's 'Hardcore' from the 'Business as Usual' LP in 1990. Redman's first three albums are classics to me. Not to take away from his later LP's, but his first three were insane. One of my favorite unreleased-ish Redman tracks was the freestyle session he did for Stretch Armstrong's Bad Boy 3 mix tape where he rhymes on the Fugee's 'How Many Mic's' instrumental. Here's a version Stretch played live on his show (without Puff Daddy screaming on it).

Also check these Halftime freestyles with Redman and Method Man...


  1. Great post!! Now this is quality rap...
    Didn't know Diesel Don & Tha Govna, glad you talked about them.
    BTW, who's the third guy in the last freestyle with Red & Meth? Mr. Louch?

  2. I think he goes by Loose, don't know too much about him but he sounded dedent on the freestyle