November 15, 2007

Hip Hop album covers with fresh artwork

artwork by Denys Cowans (DC Comics)

artwork by Bob Camp and Pat Redding (Marvel Comics)

artwork by Bill Sienkiewicz

artwork by Dr. Revolt

artwork by Pushead

artwork by fuct

artwork by Skam2

artwork by Overton Llyod (Now School Graphics)

artwork by Keo Tc5

artwork by Devious Doze

artist not credited

artwork by Dudley Perkins?

artwork by Schooly D

artwork by Matt Doo (Dooable arts)

artwork by A3 for Sol Concepts

artwork by Gemini & Gnome

artwork by Isiah Roberts

Videos with fresh artwork...

Slick Rick - Behind bars

Jeru the Damaja - You can't stop the prophet

K-Solo - Letterman

KRS (Big Joe Krash) - Break The Chain


  1. really nice post this - not too many people take the time to check out and appreciate the cover art of these classics.

  2. yo man never knew Skam2 from Old World Disorder did the art to that Tribe album.... peace to the thread....


  3. Nice article - I found it looking for Pushead art work. Never knew he did Kool Keith's Dr. Octo...

    True story: I moved into an apartment building in San Francisco and when to dump my garbage one day and found a whole box of that Dr. Octogan CD in the dumpster...

    turns out Dan the Automator lived there or had an office there maybe and threw them all away. I must have given away like 30 of those CDs!

  4. Nice post and great blog. Doom didnt do that cover though. Keo Tc5 did. Didnt know A3 did that Lotug cover nice. Same guy did that Jeru video. Peace.

  5. that's kind of foul cause they don't give Keo Tc5 credit on my vinyl copy, it just says illustration by Doom. Didn't know who did that Jeru video too, good looks, peace.

  6. Yo, Nice post, i'm glad to see people still appreciate record cover art. I did the jeru damaja animated music video and the Lotug funky child cover. I also did work for madskillz, blak czer, Mo Thugz records, Smokin suckaz wit Logic. But more recently i did "Strictly the best" vol31,32,33,34 and crunk hits series. you can check out more of my work on or check out my facebook page "CortesNYC official"
    peace yall,,
    stay inspired.
    -CortesNYC aka Waqs A3

  7. really great work on the video and covers, thanks for dropping a line, keep doing your thing