November 23, 2013

Terror Green Heavy Jewelz EP

I just got blessed with one of the first records from the up and coming Heavy Jewelz label, run by my man Verge, who you may know through the Philaflava forums and TROY blog. Terror Green was an unsigned artist with a demo that had constant rotation on the Stretch Armstrong Show. '45 stitches' was a funny track about Terror Green messing around with some chick at her place. The chick ends up having a boyfriend, and this dude runs up and stabs Terror, leaving him with 45 stitches. I think it was around 1996 when I first heard Bobbito play this one, and until now, I always assumed it would remain a cassette only treat.

I love the packaging on this, not only does it include artwork by Skore79 and Mark563, but it's pressed on thick green vinyl. Factor in the limited pressing, and this is pretty much tailor made for collectors. I was surprised by how good the sound quality was as well, everything seemed balanced and mastered well, so I assume this was pressed using the original masters. You get the classic '45 Stitches,' and three other unheard tracks from the same Terror Green demo. All tracks produced by DJ Nastee.

Verge took no shorts on this one, and this definitely gets the Dirty Waters seal of approval. I am urging everyone out there to cop this one, as it will definitely be a collector's item that will go up in value. There are a few labels out there pushing to release unearthed demos, but Heavy Jewelz seemingly has them more reasonably priced. Check out Heavy Jewelz and order your copy.


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