November 25, 2013

Re-up: Underground Railroad 2-13 1999

Here's a nice 30 min mix of OG
samples and 90's hip hop from
DJ MonkOne on the Underground
Railroad show, WBAI 99.5
in February, 1999


  1. Props for posting this Nes. I have quite a bit of Underground Railroad Monk One & Emskee recordings from the early 2000's. This is when Monk first started on the show.

    Any chance you have some mid 90's Underground Railroads from the DJ Spinna/DJ A-Vee era to post?

  2. word, do you have those shows posted anywhere?

    I started taping URR around the end of 1998 which was I think around the time Spinna started showing up less, but I do think I have a few shows with sets from him. Most of what I have is MonkOne, Emskee, and 3D from 1998-2001

  3. Here is a link to Monk One's very first appearance on The Underground Railroad in '98...

    You can find more treats from him here & here...

  4. Hey Nes thanks a lot for posting this. I wish I had recordings of all those shows... You're right, I started on the show around thanksgiving of '98, around the time Spinna was getting more into production and didn't have time to do the show anymore. This would've been one of my first regular sets.

  5. Peace Monkone, thanks for dropping a line here. No problem for posting, I have other URR shows I'll be posting too..