November 13, 2013

Natural Elements on WNYU

Peace to DJ Eclipse for coming through with the ill Natural Elements tribute show 2 weeks back. The links haven't made their away around yet, but you can check most of the show on the U-Stream, and see freestyles and interviews with most of the group in the studio.

It's incredible how much material these guys made that never was released on vinyl. During the mid 90's the Natural Elements were really productive. According to Charlemagne, the groups producer, most of that material (masters and such) no longer exists, which is a shame. Part of the magic with these guys was the raw creativity in their demos, freestyles, etc.

Here goes some Natural Elements stuff from the Dirty Waters archives..

Natural Elements - Do your thing

Natural Elements - Knick Knack

Natural Elements Freestyle WNYU 1997

Natural Elements WNYU Radio Promo

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