March 16, 2012

Halftime 1999 (w/Truck Turner & 50 Cent)

Here goes another 30 minute clip of a Halftime Show from October 27, 1999 featuring Truck Turner and a pre-blowing up (and even pre getting shot 9 times) 50 Cent. Apparently these two had some on wax beef and were accidentally booked to do the Halftime Show on the same night. There was no conflict in the studio according to DJ Eclipse, but the two were taking shots at each other during their mic time.

Halftime 10-27-1999 (w/Truck Turner)

50 Cent Freestyle WNYU 10-27-1999


  1. thats one shitty instrumental to flow over

  2. lol, which one are you talking about? The Cookie Monster one Truck Turner uses, or the one 50 Cent is on? Both aren't that great I guess

  3. Can you please re-upload the Halftime 10-27-1999 (w/Truck Turner) radio show? The link is dead and I need this in my life. Thanks in advance bro, keep it real

  4. Appreciate it, would be dope to hear more 50 Cent stuff before he was shot. You got loads of exclusives here. Keep doing ur thing, peace!