March 30, 2012

Archie Whitewater

Here's a rare psych rock joint from
Archie Whitewater. This group only had one release on the Cadet Concept Album in 1970, and I just recently found out how rare and pricey the LP is.

I caught this one sealed a while back, buying it strictly on the strength of the bugged out cover. I was pleasantly surprised to find not only a Common sample (Chapter 13) but also a Blahzay Blahzay sample (Danger Remix). The entire LP is pretty incredible aside from the samples. Cadet Concept always had a good roster. This group comes through with a psych rock, jazz mixture and some really nice grooves (horn section, vibes, guitar, drums). Upon further investigation, I found this dude who posted a bunch of unreleased tracks that were shelved from their Cadet label recordings. I've listed this record and a few others on a discogs account I just created (trying them out this time around), so if anyone is interested peep it.

Archie Whitewater - Cross Country  


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