March 22, 2012

DJ Nes - Old School 80's Mix

Been a while since I put a mix together...Here's an all vinyl mix of some old/mid school hip hop (mainly 1980-1986). 32 Tracks, 60 minutes. Peace to everyone who helped out with a drop for this mix (DJ Eclipse, DJ Premier, Mr Len, Phil Most Chill, Tim C, Susio Smash and Emskee). Also peace to my boy Jay aka DJ Dirty for mixing this down for me. Feel free to repost, share and spread  this mix as you please and enjoy.

DJ Nes - 80's Hip Hop Mix (< download)
DJ NES - OLD SCHOOL 80's MIX by dirty-waters

1) Mantronix - Fresh is the Word
2) Divine Sounds - Do or Die Bed Stuy
3) Fab 5 Freddy - Change The beat
4) Jimmy Spicer - Dollar Bill (dub)
5) Crash Crew - Breakin Bells
6) Fresh 3 MC's - Fresh (dub)
7) Masterdon Committee - FunkBox 2
8) Egyptian Lover - What is A DJ If He Can't Scratch?
9) D.S.T. - Megamix 2: Why is It Fresh?
10) Spoonie G - New Love rap
11) Sparky D - He's My DJ (Red Alert)
12) DJ Chuck Chillout - History of Hip Hop on Wax
13) Doug E Fresh - Human BeatBox
14) Donald D - Don's Groove
15) Original Concept - Can You Feel It?
16) Trouble Funk - Drop The Bomb
17) Funky 4 Plus One - Rappin & Rockin The House
18) Mix - Furious 5/Radiance/West Street Mob/GrandMaster Flash
19) Count Coolout - Rhythm Rock Rap
20) Jazzy 5 - jazzy Sensation
21) Fab 5 Freddy - Down By Law
22) Davy DMX - One For The Treble
23) OC & Crazy Eddie - Masters of The Scratch
24) Grand Wizard Theodore - Soul Clap
25) ColdCrush Brothers - Fresh, Fly, Wild, Bold
26) Roxanne / UTFO
27) Whistle - Just Buggin'
28) Tricky Tee - Johnny The Fox
29) Steady B - Bring The Beat Back
30) MC Crash - Life On The Street
31) Schooly D - Gucci Time
32) Fantasy Three - It's Your Rock (dub)

*peace to ToledoHipHop where I got flyer used for cover design.
   (check their site for a whole gang of funky fresh old school flyers)


  1. Whattup Nes! This is that blueprint, revolutionary music right here. It changed the world.

  2. what up Eric, sho you right, lol. Where you at now? You still posting?

  3. I'm in L.A. Work takes up most of my time these days. But I do post random links on Twitter @ericjnord. Good to see you still doing it dirty! :-)