January 25, 2016

Re-Up: CM Famalam Show 2000 (FT, Funky DL, Easy Mo Bee)

This one's from June 8, 2000
and features FT from Street Smartz,
Funky DL, and Easy Mo Bee rocking
a nice 30 minute break set.

Just recently caught this 12" from around 1996 from Funky DL. Another one I always wanted from back in the di-day, I'm catching up on my international 12"s lately. Shout to everyone supporting me on discogs.


  1. Well, shit, this looks nice just do to the guests, alone. Will definitely listen. thanks for sharing.

  2. Yo NES

    I appreciate the DL for this but could you break it into 2 parts so i can burn it to cd's?