January 8, 2016

Pete Rock - Greenbacks

This next track is without a doubt the most requested re-up on Dirty Waters over the years. It's an unreleased Pete Rock gem from the mid 90's called 'Greenbacks.' This track got spins on Stretch & Bobbito in 1995, and probably Future Flavors, but never got an official release.


  1. This joint is crazy. I thought I would never hear it again. I remember when stretch played it along with that mecalicious joint. Is there anyway you can make the song available for download. It is too hot. Blog is dope as well.


  2. Thank you. You have a fan for life. Let me ask you this. Have you ever heard this song called the melody by Sadat x. It came out in 95. Diamond d & herbie hancock produced it. Stretch used to play it. Also there is a remix by Showbiz from the Buckshot lefonque
    single "Breakfast @ denny's. I hope you have it. PPl think I be making certain songs up because they never heard them. It's all good though.

  3. not sure if I've heard the Sadat X song but sounds dope. do you know if it was released on something?

    I do have the Breakfast @ Denny's 12" with Showbiz remix though, I'll try and get that up soon

    if anything hit me with an e-mail
    and I'll send to you

  4. I just emailed you to give you a heads up. Thanks alot

  5. looking for that showbiz rmx as well -- i bought the "breakfast" 12" when it first came out. Another local dj put me up on who buckshot lefonque was while we were shopping in the same store.
    had to sell 90% of my collection for a move and the only stuff that made the cut were items i was playing at the time or thought would be EVEN HARDER to find.