February 1, 2016

Doo Dirty

Keeping it dirty! I was going through my old WNYU tapes and found this little nugget. It's an unreleased track featuring dude from Doo Dirty, and some other heads I don't recognize. Stretch heads will know Doo Dirty from the track 'Live by The Gun,' which they released independently. Doo Dirty were rumored to have an album recorded, but weren't able to get distribution I guess. They were a crew from Brooklyn, had joints recorded with Half a Mill, and you might recognize the dude as the guy who snitched on Jay-Z in the 'Dead Presidents' video.


  1. Digital StimulationMonday, February 08, 2016

    Ha, this is dope! Thanks for sharing.

  2. thanks for the Unreleased track !

  3. You got any NYU when Charlemagne was playing beats and Method Man was up there?

  4. might of seen that on youtube or something but dont have it