January 17, 2009

CM Fam

I want to say peace to
Bobbito and Lord Sear, you can catch Lord Sear doing his thing on Sirius radio Shade 45, and check out Bobbito's Bounce Magazine in stores and online (where just recently Bobbito mentioned DW and linked the New Year show I posted). As a fan of the show for many years, I'm glad I'm able to give back by hooking up the shows.

Bobbito held it down for over 12 years on WKCR, first on the Stretch Armstrong Show then
on the CM Fam-a-lam Show. Here you have the first hour of Bobbito's final official show as host on WKCR. For his farewell broadcast (October 17, 2002) Bobbito played some of his favorite tracks throughout his years on radio. Nuff respect to Stretch, Bobbito, and Lord Sear and peace to all NJ/NY, CM/DW fams.

1) Intro
2) M.F. Grimm - Bloody Love Letter
3) Juggaknots - Clear Blue Skies
4) M.F. Doom - Dead Bent
5) Natural Elements - Shine
6) Company Flow - 8 Steps to Perfection
7) Foul Play - Black Clouds
8) J-Live - Braggin Writes
9) Peanut Butter Wolf - Definition of Ill
10) Ugly Duckling - Fresh Mode
11) Arsonists - The Session
12) Self Scientific - Return
13) High & Mighty - All in Together
14) The Cenubites - Mommy
15) Terror Green - 45 Stitches
16) Mic Break

Hour 2


  1. Thanks for this. I remember this show.I had been calling in asking Bob to play the Terra Green-Check the File demo because I already had 45 Stitches[which is great,dude should've had a deal]cut. I got amped thinking he was gonna play it,but he obviously didn't that time. Still a great show. Props.

  2. Great show. I have the whole 4 hours. It was the 1st time I called and got on the air.
    Mister Cee was even crying lol

  3. i was gonna post all four but the last 3 but not much music in those, lot of good moments and nice words from ton of guests they had up there. for anyone interested here are hours 2 and 3...

    hour 2

    hour 3

  4. Thank you Nes! This is greatly appreciated. Never heard their shows back in the day (cuz I was youngin') but your blog keeps me up to date on what I missed. Much appreciated. Keep doing what you do.

  5. If I knew you were going to record all these Stretch & Bobbito shows and post them 15 years later I could have got some sleep during the night on Thursday instead of during highschool on Friday! Lol!
    (Wouldn't be the same! You had to be up on your Stretch on Friday morning!)

  6. these are great, if you have time pls post the last hour, i missed that the 1st time round... tks for yr work, greatly appreciated

  7. this was one of the best nights on KCR ever

  8. man, this shit is dope. You have any more of these??

  9. Crazy dope. I have been looking for this forever! I had it in realaudio format after they did it straight from the WKCR website but lost it over the years. MAD PROPS!!!

    I have to ask though- can you post the 4th hour, I need the closure. It's like I'm incomplete.

  10. can anyone ID the two tracks bob and sear talk over at the end of hour 1?