January 4, 2017

CM Famalam Show 3-19-1999 (El Da Sensei, DJ Kaos, Last Emporer)

CM Fam-a-lam Show from March, 1999 featuring El Da Sesnsei and Last Emporer with a nice freestyle session, and DJ Kaos with a few routines. They were promoting 'Keep it Live' during this time.


  1. This was the first time I heard a DJ cut up that Bob James to highlight 'The ? Remainz' sample...real dope. I remember it blowing my mind listening to the show in the days after I recorded it. Had to rewind a bunch of times. Props to you Nes for keeping these tapes alive.

  2. No doubt, Kaos gets busy! I think he did the same routine better on WNYU without the turntable problems, I have to dig for that tape.

  3. I remember this show! Last Emp rhymed over a beat Madlib did for Lootpack. Any chance for a re-up? Thanks bro.