January 28, 2017

Re-Up: Westwood Rap Exchange

Here's an old school Tim Westwood/Marley Marl Rap Exhange clip with a live Big Daddy Kane performance, Roxanne Shante stopping by the studio, and a rare demo from Pete Rock and CL Smooth called 'CL strikes again'.

1) Commercials/talking
2) Big Daddy Kane - Wrath of Kane (live @ Apollo)
3) Pete Rock & CL Smooth - CL Strikes Again (demo)
4) Lakim Shabazz - I Feel Like Flowin'
5) Roxanne Shante Interview
6) Roxanne Shante - Live on Stage
7) Biz Markie - Just a Friend
8) Redhead Kingpin & The FBI - We Rock the Mic (Teddy Riley remix)
9) Big Daddy Kane - Smooth Operator
10) Unique - Pure Dynamite
11) Poetry - Everything I do
12) Kool G Rap - She loves me, she loves me not
13) Prince Markie Dee/Tiger?

Thanks again to Dave from Essex for hooking this up
and also peace to the orginal uploader..


  1. Nice to see some Westwood bandyin around. Shouts to 'Dave from Essex', classic shout-out.

  2. Dave definitely hooked it up nice, got some more of these on the way..

  3. That LA Gear ad at the end, bizarro, in the 2017 weird mainstream world of kicks !

    Nes, thanks for the re-ups on this one, that PR & CL demo though, I'd forgotten about that wee gem, like whoah ! Thats a tune and a half ! If you have the Fat Boys session from side 2, please keep me in check. Thanks in advance.

    Oh yeh, and I think I might have to use that 'Police are warning middle-aged women to be aware of Britains most wanted man' as a mixtape intro hahahahahaha

  4. LA Gear lol I didn't catch that, the commercials on there are great