March 25, 2016


Phife passing has messed me up a little these past few days. I always thought A Tribe Called Quest would be a group like the Rolling Stones, always around, and always touring for generations to see. They have been playing the Tribe documentary on VH1 lately, and it's definitely a different experience seeing it now. In the documentary, Phife mentions how he felt like the Supreme to Tip being the Diana Ross. I always considered Phife to be stronger, lyrically, compared to Tip being mostly instrumental as a producer. Phife always had the snappiest lines. Tribe was so important as a group, to myself, and to everyone who appreciated good music. They had a mass appeal just being themselves, no gimmicks. In retrospect, I imagine what 1994 or 1995 would have been like with a Tribe album. This '95 track from S.O.S. features Phife stealing the show.


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