March 5, 2016

Get Off That Bullshit!

This is one of my favorite Large Professor tracks. This original version first appeared on DJ Eclipse's Wild Pitch blends mixtape. 'Gitofdatbullshit' was part of a group of demos Large Professor was working on for the second Main Source album. Main Source soon split, and Wild Pitch folded, but the tape was left behind. This same demo version was bootlegged on the vinyl pictured (most likely straight from the mix tape). Large Professor re-did the track a second time for his long lost 'LP' for Geffen, but I always liked the feel of the original demo. It took me a while to track down the right pressing, with this version, as there are a few bootlegs with the album version. You'll hear the same, radio-dial-spinning intro that Stretch and Bobbito used for their show.

Also check Extra P's appearance on Rhythm Roulette, a series where producers are blindfolded, pick three random records, and make a beat. Tragedy makes a quick appearance towards the end. 


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