April 15, 2015

Stretch & Bobbito 11-16-1995

First off, sorry for the lack of posting these past few months. The amount of radio material that
I have, that hasn't already been shared, is lacking. I've been working on some mixes and beats
and plan to post some of those up here in the future for those interested.

This show is a request from Chris, who probably has the largest stash of active online Stretch & Bob shows, so if you see a link missing for one of the shows here, there's a good chance he'll have it. For those in the tri-state, Stretch and Bobbito have announced the first screening for their upcoming documentary. Peace to Hectic Eclectic for sharing this a few years back...

This show features Group Home dropping some freestyles (actually lyrics from their album). They weren't exactly revered for their lyrics, but this was a cool session to hear live because I remember this was before the album dropped. That Livin' Proof LP was probably one of the biggest that year. It was also kool to hear Stretch using G Rap's 'For the Brothas' instrumental, which I've never seen available on vinyl. 

Also on this tape you have INI and an extended interview and cipher with Omniscence and producer Fanatik, who I think just recently released some of their eastwest material from this time period. Enjoy and check back now and again for more flavors!


  1. Nice to see you posting Nes. I've been checking the site weekly thinking you may have retired..haha. Is this email still the best way to contact you? I've got a bit of info to share with you.

  2. yeah same e-mail, lemme know

  3. Yo nes, Stretch actually cut up doubles of the original sample G Rap used on "For the Brothas." Stretch cut it up pretty nice. Good look on this show.


  4. me and unikone ( put this together

    00:00 Soul Kid Klik - Mortal Kombat (Mad Scientist Underground Remix)
    03:09 UMCs - Murder and Homicide
    03:36 The Cenobites (Kool Keith & Godfather Don) - Mommy
    06:26 Tower of Power - Sparkling in the Sand
    06:45 Bobbito talk w Daddy Reef
    06:56 Kool G Rap - Fast Life feat Nas (Norfside Remix)
    10:36 Mobb Deep - Still Shinin'
    14:00 Real Live - Crime is Money
    17:59 A Tribe Called Quest - Glamour and Glitz
    20:55 Group Home - Suspended in Time
    23:50 Da Grassroots feat Elemental - Drama (Instrumental)
    26:01 DJ Krush - Only the Strong Survive ft. C.L. Smooth
    29:10 Group Home – Supa Dupa Star Instrumental
    29:34 Bobbito/Stretch Group Home intro (Supa Dupa Star Instrumental)
    29:41 Group Home – '95 Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle over Kool G Rap’s For Da Brothaz
    35:39 LL Cool J – I Shot Ya Remix f. Keith Murray, Prodigy, Fat Joe & Foxy Brown
    40:27 Smoothe Da Hustler – Broken Language ft. Trigger the Gambler
    45:34 Brainsick Mob (Blackstarr & Jack The Ripper) & Smiley the Ghetto Child (Group Home affiliates) Freestyle over Smoothe Da Hustler’s Broken Language
    49:48 The Fugees – Fu-gee-la
    53:50 The Fab 5 (O.G.C. & Heltah Skeltah) – Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka
    57:44 Lord Finesse - Brainstorm instrumental
    58:03 Das EFX - Microphone Master Remix f. Mobb Deep
    1:02:06 Cypress Hill - Throw Your Hands In the Air f. Erick Sermon & Redman
    1:05:58 InI - Fakin’ Jax
    1:09:48 Lord Finesse - Brainstorm / P.S.K. (No Gimmicks Remix) f. KRS-One & OC
    1:14:37 Bobbito/Stretch INI intro (clipped) and INI - '95 Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle over Lord Finesse - Brainstorm / P.S.K. (No Gimmicks Remix) instrumental
    1:21:53 Real Live (Larry-O & K-Def) - Real Live Shit
    1:25:46 Mic Geronimo - Train Of Thought
    1:29:00 Omniscence and (producer) Fanatic interview over Mad Skillz - Extra Abstract Skillz instrumental

    Side B

    00:00 Omniscence and (producer) Fanatic interview over Mad Skillz - Extra Abstract Skillz instrumental
    06:32 Omniscence - '95 Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle (beat at 13:41 switches to Das EFX - Microphone Master instrumental)
    16:23 continued interview & chat w Stretch / Bobbito over Das EFX - Microphone Master instrumental
    30:44 Omniscience - Amazin’
    35:09 continued interview over GZA - Cold World instrumental
    40:33 Omniscence - '95 Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle over GZA - Cold World instrumental
    44:45 “we got another 40 minutes, stick with us” (44 minutes left on the tape)
    44:47 GZA - Shadowboxin’ f. Method Man
    48:08 Erick Sermon - Move On f. Redman & Passion
    51:27 True Master - Who’s the Truest
    53:30 Fat Joe - Respect Mine f. Raekwon
    57:39 Fat Joe - Watch Out f. Armageddon, Big Pun, & Keith Nut
    1:00:54 Group Home - The Realness
    1:04:33 Young Zee - Milk (People Call Me) f. Busta Rhymes, KRS-One
    1:07:16 Bahamadia - WordPlay
    1:09:49 KRS-One - Rappaz R. N. Dainja
    1:13:47 Redman & Method Man - How High (Remix)
    1:17:01 Ten Thieves - Straight From Da Slums
    1:21:10 Stretch / Bobbito talking & callers

  5. Thanks Chris for the tracklist

    @REC - It couldn't be that Art farmer record G Rap sampled, because the horns that come in are actually from an Idris Muhammed record. The way they sampled that track, it does sound a lot like the original, though.

  6. You are right nes. Stretch just cut up the beginning of "For the Brothers" record.